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This robust shower floor has a drain and has a non-slip surface according to DIN 51097. Made of polyester resin and filler, this user-friendly and safe shower floor can be used for new builds, renovations and for the lifecycle of dated bathrooms. The installation of these complete shower floors is extremely simple and can be done surprisingly quickly.

With a total thickness of 25 mm, a reliable and comfortable walk-in shower is realized, which, partly in view of its anti-slip surface, is completely safe. This extremely innovative shower floor is particularly hygienic in use and gives a spacious effect to the bathroom.

Available in various length and width sizes.

Model COMFORT has a drainage floor to the almost invisible drainage slot that perfectly drains all the shower water to the sewer. This beautiful and innovative shower floor is available in 6 length and 3 width sizes.

The shower floor is available in the following RAL colors: RAL 9001 - RAL9003 - RAL7016 - RAL7037

Custom or special colors are possible, inquire about the possibilities.