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R-Line Showerchannels

The stainless steel R-Line shower channels are specially design for making the bathroom life-proof.

For renovations of bathrooms and shower spaces, there are shower channels, especially for this purpose. Because of the small buid-in height of only 65 mm, these shower channels are suitable for installation in storey floors, etc. With a width of 60 mm and a tight finish through the plain grating, this shower channel gives a spatial effect. The perfect shower channel for walk-in showers.

This shower channel is provided with a flange all around so the placement can take place safely and efficiently. A horizontal outlet of ø 40 mm and a removable plastic watertrap make these renovation shower channels complete. Dutch make, so quality.

Available in different lengths, 600 - 700 - 800 - 900 and 1000 mm and deliverable from stock from april 2019!

  • stainless steel shower channel with stainless steel 304 grating
  • standard provided with plain grating
  • standard provided with sand coating
  • capacity 30l/min. 
  • watertrap 30 mm
  • horizontal outlet ø 40 mm
  • earthing point present
  • ideal for renovations, build in height 65 mm
  • flanges around channel
  • 100% dutch product

664.600    600 x 60 mm

664.700    700 x 60 mm

664.800    800 x 60 mm

664.900    900 x 60 mm

664.1000  1000 x 60 mm