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ABS plastic shower channels with stainless steel grating, The FINISH LINE

A remarkable complete ABS plastic shower channel with a width of 50 mm and reversable stainless steel plain grating design or tile tray. A unique concept, these shower channels are provided with a folding line in the flange, so they are suitable for wall placement or normal placement. The Ø 50 mm outlet is gluable with PVC glue.

This shower channel is a real novelty! In the standard version of 50 mm width this channel is equipped with really all possible options.


The stainless steel grating has a sublime brushed surface and can be reversed to a tile-tray. Around these shower channels there is a flange, which on one side is provided with a folding edge, so you can use these shower channels for wall mounting, simply bend the groove in the flange 90°! Is this execution not necessary, you can install the channel in it’s standard situation. On both ends of the shower channel, there are so called adjustable legs which makes the installtion easy and at level. The included membrane, provided with a cut-out in the size of the channel, guarantees a waterproof installation. Advice: use MS Polymer to secure the membrane to the shower channel. Another security is the sandskin around the drainbowl for perfect attachment to the concrete floor. There is also a possibility to collect leak water through the opening in the edge of the shower channel.


More technical details: a removable watertrap of 50 mm. The Finish Line shower channels have a capacity of 30 l/min. and are provided with a horizontal outlet of ø 50 mm which is gluable with normal PVC glue. The descending smooth bottom ensures minimal maintenance. 


All of these channels come with a plain grating which is reversable into a tile-tray.


These very solid and complete shower channels are a full 100 % Dutch product and available in 5 different lengths.