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About VDB

Founded in 1959 by Henk van den Berg sr. During his work for a building materials trade he sees drains in Belgium, he buys these and back in the Netherlands they are sold quickly, the sales are going well.

Soon it is decided to cast our own aluminium drains and grating. In 1974, the current location behind the house is too small and he settles in Lelystad, after 2 years, the first expansion of 500 square meters extra warehouse is made.

1980 is the year that the first plastic injection mold is made for well type 402, at present we own more than 30 injection molds.

The company is taken over in 1993 by Henk van den Berg jr. At that moment there is incresingly chosen for plastic injection molds products in combination with stainless steel.

At the beginning of 2000 a shift took place in the field of water drains, design drain products were developed, such as tile drains, shower channels and design gratings. There is so much demand for these products that the space is no longer sufficient and a new building of 500 square meters is being built next to the existing building for goods receipt and assembly.

At the moment we are working with 8 people Joost is doing product development, sales and is ultimately responsible. Tom is responsible for the sales office, while Chantal designs the catalog and product drawings. The website is made by Femke and she also takes care of the administration, Joey is the warehouse manager, Hans and Jilles package and send, Wilfred takes care of the transport within the Netherlands.