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About VDB

In the meantime, the third generation van den Bergen has taken over our company in 2019.


After Henk Sr. and then Henk Jr., it is now time for Joost, Joey and Femke van den Berg (the three children of Henk Jr.) to provide the 60-year-old "family business" with new impulses. The enthusiasm is abundantly present among these three young entrepreneurs and, given their enthusiasm, our company is looking to the future with confidence. With new products and a special view of global sales, that will certainly succeed. In Europe our products are in stock in no less than 11 countries, our dealer in the Middle East takes care of distribution in a large area in this interesting region. We also have various points of sale in Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles. All over the world our products, produced exclusively in the Netherlands, are known to be reliable and quickly available.


At the moment we work with 8 people, Joost is responsible for product development, field sales and is ultimately responsible, Joey is the warehouse manager and coordinates the purchasing, Femke takes care of the administration, website and App. Chantal designs the catalog and technical product drawings, Tom is responsible for internal sales and is also regularly present at fairs and in our promotional trailer on location. Jilles and Hans do the assembly and ensure that all drain products are properly packaged and shipped. Wilfred is our driver and takes care of transport within the Netherlands and Belgium.